Ramsin KhachiFounder & Principal, Khachi Design + Build

    The founder and principal of a nationally recognized, multidisciplinary, and award-winning design/build firm, Ramsin Khachi is a renowned industry expert and television personality known for his vivacious personality and distinctive style.

    Celebrating over 30 years of success, the charismatic leader of Khachi Design + Build is defined by his passion for innovative design and precision building. Known for creating timeless, elegant, and uniquely customized design experiences, Khachi ensures that inventiveness, sensibility, and sophistication are the foundation of his design philosophy.

    Averse to following design trends, Ramsin instead draws on his inspiration from interactions abroad, traditional artistry, and high-quality craftsmanship. His international travels, inquisitive nature, and steadfast interest in identifying the perfect design solutions and building techniques have propelled Khachi Design + Build to become an industry leader. Ramsin has an unparalleled integrity for quality and knowledge of building science that has made him an asset to the design and building communities.

    He frequently lectures at public forums and to professional organizations such as the Ontario and Canadian Home Builders Associations, Design Colleges, and AEC Industry events to share his insight on enhancing design and construction practices.

    One of the regular Design Experts on CTV’s popular daytime talk show The Marilyn Denis Show – Ramsin shares his tips on Construction, Interior Design and Décor with viewers nationwide. Other accolades include a ten-year stretch on Toronto’s City Line, appearances on CTV Morning Live across Canada, and guest appearances in the United States. He is featured in and writes for various media publications throughout North America.


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